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The AIMS Institute, located in Nashik, is a premier institution that offers a range of programs to help individuals develop their math and language skills.
The AIMS Institute likely offers classes and training in the use of the Abacus, Vedic Mathematics, Jolly Phonics, and teacher training programs for educators looking to teach these subjects. The specific content of the classes and training programs would depend on the institute’s specific curriculum and teaching methods. training programs for both offline and online batches for the individuals to develop their math and language skills
Their programs are designed to help students improve their mental math abilities, develop their problem-solving skills, and become proficient in the use of the abacus. The Vedic mathematics courses help students develop mental calculation techniques and improve their math skills. Jolly Phonics is a fun and interactive way to teach children the basics of reading, writing, and spelling. It is a method of teaching children to read using the sounds of the letters of the alphabet.